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We are your one stop shop for promotional items! Our tips and tricks for the Ultimate Trade Show Booth!

You have signed up for your first trade show of the year!

……Now what? 

You’ll need some branded swag to give away right? You need items that will catch the eye of your future customers! It only takes 7 seconds for a trade show attendee to form a first impression of your brand! Don’t fall short, we are your one stop shop to promotional items.

Below are some tips to consider how to outshine the booth next to you by bring the best of the best and setting up for the ultimate Trade show booth!

Tip #1

Swag – Our first tip; keep in mind when picking out promotional items you want to be practical such as pens, water bottles or key chains. But you also want to think outside the box while still being practical, think of things people can use on a daily basis, something that won’t get shoved in a desk or thrown away because the consumer has no use for it.

If you are unsure, we are always here to help guide your way to your trade show needs. Let us help you pick some gear out. Or share our input on what t-shirt would look best with your logo screen printed on it.

Tip #2

FREE – It’s common knowledge that everyone is a fan of anything free. You will have more success at your booth if people feel as though they worked for their freebie, they will walk away with their head raised high feeling accomplished.

Example: Provide a game for consumers to participate in, one company had people partake in a game of Skee-Ball to earn a colorful Pop Sockets. How doesn’t love a good game of Skee-Ball?

This attraction helps the consumer connect, doing something fun and being rewarded to your brand. Now every time they look at your promotional item, whether it be a screen-printed t-shirt or a branded water bottle they will have a positive memory.

Tip #3

Presentation – Why would you spend the time and money on having awesome shirts screen printed and just throw them in a box on the ground for only you to see. Be sure your freebies are being seen, being creative with how you arrange items and giving them dimension will help consumers see thing more clearly. Displaying your promotional items, the correct way is just as important as displaying yourself by wearing your own brand, engaging with trade show passer buyer’s, and handing your freebies out directly to each person who walks by.

Don’t forget, having your logo displayed clearly is huge, you don’t want consumers searching for your company name. Make a bold statement with a snazzy banner or sign.

Tip # 4

Extra Extra – What’s better than free? Free FOOD of course! While this method isn’t for every company, it will work for most! In tip #3 we touched on presentation, bring in other items to your booth to help display promotional items is a great idea.

One company decided to hand out small chip bags, attached to their hand out was a bag clip with their logo displayed on it! Reaching back to Tip # 1 where we urged you to think outside the box but still be practical – this is the perfect example! Who doesn’t need an extra bag clip? Now when the consumer is reaching for their midnight snack, they will be reminded of your company and the delicious snack you provided them!

Whether it’s shirts for you to wear or pass out during the trade show, a bag clip for some chips or even a company sign to grab some attention, Pacific Company is able to help you out with all your promotional needs, don’t hesitate to call for inquires, we are here to help better your business future.

How Screen Printing Has Changed

Screen Printing has Changed

Through out the years the screen printing industry has stayed pretty consistent. Especially when it comes to the process of printing. However, there have been some changes that have made the process a little bit easier. Improvements to the inks and flash units are just a couple examples. Check out what our veteran screen printer, Rick, has to say about the developments in the industry.


New Year Prep … Already?

New Year PrepI know what you are thinking … New Year prep already? Yes! In all honesty you probably should have already started thinking about your plan for 2018. Now we can’t help you with your entire marketing strategy, however we can help you with branding your business. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years we can help you when it comes to getting your logo out there.

We don’t mean that we will do your advertising for you, but we will help you choose the right products for you to put out there with your name on them. Custom apparel and promotional products are essentially walking billboards and do all the work for you!

New Year Prep: Where to Start

There are so many different options out there when it comes to custom apparel and even more with promotional products! It can be very intimidating and may have even been the reason you haven’t explored this in the past. Fear Not!

We know how overwhelming it can be and that’s where we come in. We just need you to give us some basic details about what you are looking for (apparel or promotional products), your budget, logo and quantities. From there we can find options for you to help you rock 2018!

Curious? Take a look at our online catalogs and see all of the possibilities: Apparel | Promotional Products

Improve Your Design without Increasing Your Cost

We all love those flashy printed t-shirts that we see in the stores, but let’s be realistic here. Pulling off a design like that for your event may not fit within your budget. Doing a full color print or using a specialty ink can really make the cost of your shirts jump. Not to fear, we have a few ideas for you to improve your design without increasing the cost of your shirts.

Three Tips to Improve Your Design

Improve Your Design | HalftonesUse Halftones

If your design has multiple colors in it you can bet that it will be one the more expensive side. One way to bring down your cost and cut down on the number of colors used is to create halftones within your design. Halftones use a color that is already in your design, so if you have a couple colors in your design that are similar this is the perfect place to use halftones. Not only will this bring down the number of colors in your design it will also create a little more depth.

Add Texture

Improve Your Design | TextureAnother simple yet effective way to spice up a simple design without adding to the end cost is to add texture to it. One of the more popular options lately has been to add a distressed pattern to the design to give it more of a vintage look.

This is a very simple way to add more detail to your artwork with adding colors and increasing your cost.

Use the Shirt Color

Improve Your Design | Negative SpaceWhen putting your design together think about how you can use the shirt color in the design. Not only will it cut down on the number of colors in your design, but the negative space will make it so your print is not heavy. Using negative space and breaking up the design by using the shirt color makes the print much more breathable.

Do you have other questions when it comes to ordering custom t-shirts? Contact us HERE or send us a message on FACEBOOK!

Top 3 Screen Printing Mistakes

Screen Printing MistakesAnd how to avoid them.

Mistakes are inevitable. No matter what industry you work in there are bound to be mistakes, after all we are only human. Even though mistakes cannot be 100% prevented you can do things to minimize how often they happen. We have compiled a list of our most common screen printing mistakes and what we do to minimize them.

Our Screen Printing Mistakes

Smudged Print

Sometimes during printing you end up with a smudged or ghost print. This occurs if the t-shirt or the screen shifts during the printing process. If you do not have enough spray tac on your palette your apparel can shift between prints.

When printing we are always checking to make sure that our screens are tight and that we have enough spray tac to hold the apparel in place. With that being said it does happen from time to time. When it does we replace the shirt for the customer and use the messed up one for future test prints.

Missing Graphics

Very rarely we have had a small piece of a graphic missing from a print. Such as a line missing here or part of a logo not showing up there. This happens when the artwork is being output and burnt to the screen. When working with the art we work with pantone colors. For example if one of the main colors in a graphic is red there might be a piece of it that looks like it is the same red, but it may not be the exact same pantone number and therefore could get left out when burning the screens.

The best way we have found to avoid this is by double checking everything at every stage during the process. There have been a couple times where something has made it to print then been caught and we have to go back and fix it. Which can be very time consuming, but at least our customer is getting what they expected!

Flaking or Cracked Ink

More often than not people jump to the conclusion that their ink has gone bad if it cracks or flakes after being printed. However, this is not always the case, very rarely it is. In reality it is because it hasn’t been cured properly and unfortunately there are many factors that can play into this issue. A good place to start is by checking the temperature with a temp gun and/or thermal strips. If your temps are good it could be that the layer of ink is too thick or there is moisture in the garment keeping it from reaching the full temp.

We recently ran into an issue similar to this and we had to go through a few different tests only to discover that it was a combination of old ink and over flashing the garment.

The Best Piece of Advice …

Screen printing mistakes can be costly if you don’t catch them ahead of time. Double check everything during your printing process and then check it again!

Have questions? Shoot us an email or send us a message on Facebook.

Get the Most Out of Your Promotional Products

Promotional ProductsSo you have decided to add promotional products to your marketing strategy? Great! However, you are not quite sure how to make them do the work for you that everyone keeps telling you about. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Make Your Promotional Products Work For You:

Be Creative.

But realistic. Think about your customers and what kind of items they use on a daily basis. Today they can put your logo on pretty much anything that you can think of. But that doesn’t mean that you want to go putting it on something that is not related to your business or isn’t useful to the customer.

If it’s not related to you then the customer might not remember exactly who you are or what you do. If the customer can’t use it then it will probably end up in the trash, and nobody wants that.

Make them visible.

Whether you are at a trade show or even in your office, make sure that your promotional products can be seen. Don’t hide them away in a closet in the office, they won’t do your company any good there. Promo products are essentially walking billboards and therefore cheap advertising for you!

At a tradeshow? Make sure they are on your table so that potential customers can see that you have free goodies and then you can talk them as they grab one.

At the office? Put them in waiting areas, customer service desks, any place that your customers will go and encourage them to take one.

Hand them out everywhere.

Take them to networking events with you and hand these out instead of business cards. Everyone there will be handing out cards and yours will just get lost in the stack! Hand you a custom promotional product and you are sure to stand out from your competition.

However, you do need to be a little careful with this. You don’t want to be handing out something that is big and bulky. This will just get in the way and frustrate the person on the receiving end. Also, you probably don’t want to haul a bunch of bulky items around with you either.

If you need more ideas CONTACT US or check out our ONLINE CATALOG!